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Money is the leading causes of divorce

​When people form a marriage union, they mostly expect it to be a union for longevity. However, it does not always turn out as they had expected. For some marriages, either one or both the spouses decide to dissolve their marriage after some time.

Statistics show that 42 % of the marriages end up in divorce. The number of people getting a divorce annually has been increasing over the past years.


​There are many factors that lead to divorces. Top on that list is financial problems. According to a Citibank Survey, 57 % of the divorces are usually caused by financial problems.

Some of the other reasons people seek to obtain a divorce include; infidelity, physical and emotional abuse, drug related issues, poor communication or loss of touch between the spouses.

​"Money really touches everything. It impacts people's lives" 

- Emma Burns, Brand Marketing Director of SunTrust
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top financial  reasons of divorce

​How do financial problems come about?

​Financial problems is the leading cause of divorce because it can be brought about by many factors involving money in a marriage.

 According to a study by SunTrust, stress in relationships was caused by the financial issues that they have.

​Top 5 Financial problems consists of;

​ 1. Inability to manage money

​People have different spending habits. It is normal to find some people who love splurging and spending money on a lot of expensive or luxurious things.

 On the other hand, there are those who are frugal. They would rather live a simple life than “waste” the money on material possessions. If these two kinds of people get into a marriage, they will definitely have problems.

​The spouse who does not like spending money might get too critical of the inability to manage money by their partner. In circumstances where both spouses are bad at managing money, they might end up living beyond their means. Consequently, they will have financial problems.

2. Spending money without the partner’s knowledge

​In some marriages, partners are not truthful with each other about their spending. Some end up using money or credit cards and never inform their better halves about it.

The surveys indicate that in one out of five marriages in America, one of the spouses spends more than $ 500 and will not tell their spouse about it.

Some even make purchases involving huge amounts of money without discussing it with their partners.

Even more serious is when one of the partners has a secret bank account. When the oblivious spouse gets to know what is happening, it can lead to loss of trust within their marriage.

​3. Difference in income

Rarely do you find partners who get the same income. In most situations, one spouse will have a better paying job compared to the other.

As a result, the person who makes more money might become controlling over the other partner. This control is in making decisions on money or matters relating to the marriage. Spouses who decide to be in a stay-at-home situation so that they can raise children might also experience this.

Additionally, financial problems might arise from one of the partners not having a stable source of income.

 It might lead to the couple having issues within the marriage. A difference in income can definitely put a strain on a marriage.

​4.Not having enough money to support your family.

Supporting and raising your family requires a lot of money. Children especially come with many needs.

Some of the responsibilities one gets by being a parent include school tuition fee, health care, clothing, shelter and many others.

That added to the list of bills that you have to pay every month can be a challenge for spouses.

If a couple does not have enough money to facilitate these activities, it might put a strain on their marriage as they will have to struggle to make ends meet.

 In addition, deciding on how to split the bills between the partners might cause problems.

​5. Loss of a job and bankruptcy

When a spouse, unfortunately, losses their job, it can be quite scary to the other partner. This is because they might not be able to manage on their own. With the hard economic times, it is important for one to be financially stable.

 When one or both of the spouses are declared bankrupt, it is likely to cause arguments as they might not be able to pay for their upkeep or support their previous lifestyles.

The above financial problems can ultimately lead to a divorce. Financial issues are known to cause a lot of stress.

The stress and tension may impact negatively on how spouses communicate with each other and how they go about their day to day life. Couples might get into arguments as a result. When they become frequent, one spouse might decide to file for a divorce.

​How can you save your marriage from financial problems?

Divorce should not be the first choice when you encounter your first financial problem. You can find ways to try work them out so that you do not have to end up in court and tear your family apart.

To begin with, it is recommended that couples involve each other when making financial decisions. For instance, when splitting bills, it is important each spouse gives their input on how they can best help each other to cover the bills. That way no one will feel undermined.

Secondly, transparency is important. As partners, neither one of you should make transactions secretly without consulting with your partner. By doing so, you will be able to avoid a lot of arguments that are a result of finances.

Marriage is all about compromise. By compromising with each other, you stand a better chance at your marriage being a success. For instance, the partner who prefers saving can allow the other partner to buy something if they came up with a plan on how to do it without spending beyond their means.

Lastly, couples can research and seek help from professionals on how they can best go about their financial problems. There are many financial experts who can help people through their money related issues.

To conclude, it remains a fact that financial problems is the leading cause of divorce. This is because, if not handled correctly, they can lead to stress and poor communication within a marriage. However, this does not have to be the reality of your marriage if you can find a way of fixing those problems.

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