Wall of Love

What Are The People Saying?


I was very pleased with our meeting and follow up appointments. Jan is very knowledgeable and I walked away from the meetings feeling empowered, especially because I didn't have a positive experience with a previous financial advisor, to create more awareness about my finances and become more financial independent. He was patient, took his time to explain matters and he gave me sound advice. I am satisfied that my finances are moving in the right direction.

Jan was very professional and I left feeling empowered.

Amanda Botha Consultant

My expirience with Jan and Nolibelle is not only limited to financial maturity but also health, intellectual, emotial, and social maturity...Truly it is an experience that I will treasure forever.

With the full support from Jan and Nolibelle, I was able to focus more on my business which in turn, translates to improved financial income...

Neil San Juan Financial Advisor

I met Jan at an opportune time--I was finding a new career path for myself. He was professional, positive and a real master of his craft. Anyone would find all the information easy to understand through his presentation skills. Questions or concerns are also addressed clearly and accurately. And his support didn't end with the administrative part of the job. I was provided encouragement and motivation for my modules and exams. Greatway, through Jan, has opened an entirely new opportunity for my career. I cannot be thankful enough for making this leap of faith and for the people who are helping me as I make every progress.

Thanks Jan & Nobee!😊

Rowena DG Tax Professional@H&R Block/CCA daycare