Disclosure – Jan Tejano


The Insurer(s) I Represent

I am an independent advisor/broker and I represent several insurers, but I place the majority of my business with Equitable Life of Canada, BMO Insurance, Industrial Alliance, Canada Protection PlanIvari and Combined Insurance. 

My Relationship with the Insurers I Repesent

I do not hold and interest of ownership in any insurer and no insurer holds interest in my business. 

My Compensation

Should you purchase a product or service through me, I will be paid a sales commission by the insurer that provides the product or service. I may receive a renewal (or service) commission if you keep the policy in force. Moreover, I may also be eligible for additional compensation, including bonuses and non-monetary benefits, including travel rewards, in recognition of the volume or persistency of the business that I place with particular insurer over a defined period of time. Incentive-based compensation is an industry-wide practice and has been a normal form of payment to advisors/brokers. 

My Relationship with Greatway Financial Inc.​

When you purchase a product or service from an insurer, I will place the business through Greatway Financial Inc, a Managing General Agent. I am not part of a financial relationship, should there be any, between Greatway Financial and the insurer. The role of Greatway Financial is to offer service to independent advisor/brokers and insurers by assisting with marketing compliance and administrative matters. Greatway Financial does not provide financial or policy advice to clients. That is the role of an advisor/broker like me. ​

​Conflict of Interest

I take the potential of a conflict of interest seriously​ . I will inform you if there is a conflict of interest of which I become aware in regards to my recommendations to you. My overall recommendation will be based on my analysis and consideration of your financial security needs. 

My duty as an independent advisor/broker is to work on behalf as an intermediary, or advocate with the insurer, resolve questions about the product or service you are interested in or have, and ensure your ongoing satisfaction.​