About Jan Tejano

Hi, I'm Jan.

Father. Husband. Financial Advisor. Online Entrepreneur. 

I am a family guy in my early thirties, who learned to start a successful business in the insurance industry as a financial advisor. Like so many other people, I am on my Plan B career. 

I finished Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in the Philippines and start my practice in 2007. It was a great as I love pets since I was a child.

Unfortunately, somethings happen that I couldn't support my family with my salary alone as a veterinarian and forces me to leave my home country in 2010.

I immigrated to Canada 2010 and started working as swine technician and later got promoted to manager. Although the work is completely different to what I have as a veterinarian back home, I have to move on and focus on my goal to

to get my family as soon as possible. And finally after three long years of waiting we were altogether again. 

Why I do What I do!

Hint: It's not about money or fame.

Jan Tejano Family

​2017, Amsterdam

My family is my primary motivation in everything that I do, you will hear me mention them often through out the site. My beautiful wife Nolibelle with our two boys Paolo Miguel and my youngest son JP. You will read more about my wife later as she is the reason why we do what we do!

Have you heard a saying "A king can't be a king without the strength of his queen?" Well, that's me my work will be more easy if she is with me. 

The best part of my job is it allows me to plan around my day with my family, not around my business. 

As you read my blog and newsletter, you'll also learn that. 


Life. Retirement. Savings

Have you ever ask yourself. "What will happen to my family if there's something happen to me?"

I always think this all the time. What is life look like five years after, ten years after? I don't worry too much I just wanted to be prepared.

What if God will take me? What if God give me long life, what is my retirement look like?

I think this is the most common questions we ask for ourselves.

But, I am not only looking for a one time deal. I wanted something that it will protect my family and me in a premature death at the same time if life is good and God give me longer years I won't lose my premiums instead I can accumulate funds and use it to supplement my retirement income tax-free.

Well, guess what? I found it...!

Everything was laid out in this book " 10 Secrets Revenue Canada Doesn't want you to know." by David Voth and "Money Masters the Game" by Anthony Robbins.

You will learn more about this, on my blog posts and my future Free training. Stay tuned.

​Where It all began?

A little origin story about a big dream.

Let me take you back to 2014. I was working full day 12 hours as I got home I sat down on my favorite couch and turned the TV.While I was watching suddenly, I realized, and I asked myself a question.

"what is my purpose in life?"

I believed God created us for something, what his purpose for me. Will I retire as a herdsman? I mean it's the great paying job. But, I know I was called for bigger things than a regular employee.

" Most people fail in life because of they major in minor things" - Tony Robbins.

Hmmm...It's a huge​ thought.

2015 my Plan B career started. I am wanting to be a "complete package" advisor wanting to assist in all areas of: Investment, Insurance, accident and sickness and estate planning. 

The statistics are so scary, 53% of retired Canadians either broke or went back to work. Knowing that they only relying on government and employment pension. (10 Secrets Revenue Doesn't want you to know)

2016 of September I burned my boat...

I quit my full-time job and focus on the financial planning business as I wanted to share more people and become more financially better.

You can read more details here...