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Hi. I'm Jan! I'm a Life Insurance Broker in Manitoba. I'm here to inspire you to take charge of your money and show you exactly how you can stop worrying your financial future and start building your wealth efficiently! I'm here to show you how it works.



I was very pleased with our meeting and follow up appointments. Jan is very knowledgeable and I walked away from the meetings feeling empowered, especially because I didn't have a positive experience with a previous financial advisor, to create more awareness about my finances and become more financial independent. He was patient, took his time to explain matters and he gave me sound advice. I am satisfied that my finances are moving in the right direction.

Jan was very professional and I left feeling empowered.

Amanda Botha , Consultant

Let's Figure Out How Can I Help You

Depends on where you are, which one you need

Investments and Retirement

Support your investing goals depending where you are- just out from college, raising kids, nearing retirement, or saving for retirement. You can ask Jan for an advice from choosing a right investment for you

Accident and Sickness

Is something you most certainly should not be without, particularly if you are the family breadwinner and the family depends on your income. If you are looking for the best long term disability insurance or income protection you can request a disability insurance quotes here. 

Life Insurance

Whether you want help covering final expense or building a legacy. I can help you to protect your family or business with term and permanent life insurance.

Travel Insurance

Is something you most certainly should not be without, particularly if you are the family breadwinner and the family depends on your income.

Build Wealth. Save Tax. Leave a Legacy

I recognized that many people lacked of basic information needed to retire comfortably and how to find the best retirement financial advisors. So, my mission is to educate those in need.

About Jan

Jesus and family lover, Financial Advisor and one of the insurance brokers Winnipeg . He is passionate helping clients to achieve their financial goals by providing them with high-quality no service fee on financial advice, Life Insurance needs, Retirement Planning, Investments, Critical Illness and Disability Insurance or maybe you wanted to start a business... Jan can help. 

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